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The Mini Scene


The Mini was one of the first cars to launch a huge DIY maintenance and tuning industry as impecunious owners tried to keep their cars on the road, or tune them, for the least possible money.

Most early Mini clubs were motorsport derived and the oldest of these is the Mini 7 racing Club which dates back to 1966 and still fields the fastest circuit racing A+ engined Minis in the UK. Since then, many Mini clubs have been started mainly as self-help social groups around the world.

Take a look at the national and international club list to see just how many Mini clubs there are around the world.

The biggest Mini shows tend to be in the UK and most of them are organised by Mini clubs (keep an eye on the events list every month in MiniWorld magazine). Two major annual Mini Shows are organised by Kelsey Media: Mini World Live and Mini in the Park.

Most readers of MiniWorld are affiliated to a Mini club or forum.

Every year the major North American Mini events are Mini Meet East and Mini Meet West. There is also the European International Mini Meeting which happens in a different country every year and comes to England every fifth year.

Motorsport still plays an important part in the Mini scene. As well as the Mini 7 Racing Club, there’s Mighty Minis racing in the UK, drag racing, autograss, rallying and classic rallying in UK and Europe. Many countries have Mini racing of different kinds, including Scandinavian countries and Japan too.

Japan was Rover’s biggest single market for the Mini for years and the Mini scene there is really big. Some say that there are as many Mini on the road in Japan as there are in the UK.

Elsewhere, anything goes when it comes to wheel size, engine size and type. The Mini must be the world’s most modified car and the Mini scene is one of the friendliest out there. Join in and be part of the world’s Mini family!