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Manufacturer of genuine OE heritage brakes 920E have recently become aware that a limited number of their brake master cylinder assemblies do not meet the required standard and as a result could be dangerous to consumers. In rare instances, brake fluid in these parts is leaking past the secondary seal, compromising the master cylinder operation and potentially leading to a loss of brake fluid.  In extreme cases, this can lead to brake performance deterioration or failure.

The issue has been traced back to parts manufactured between September 2018 and January 2019 and sold from September 2018 onward. Details of the affected master cylinder batch are listed below:

Part descriptionPart numberPurchase / supply datePart date codes
Brake Master Cylinder4222-301PParts received or fitted between September 2018 to presentB36 to B52 & C1 to C4
Brake Master Cylinder4222-997PT3P
Brake Master CylinderLBAECL013AP
Master Cylinder seal kitHMK141
Master Cylinder seal kitHMK142



The box containing the master cylinder identifies the part number, description and date manufacture. The date code is also stamped onto the underside of the mating flange of the mast cylinder.

If you are a distributor or another retail outlet, please check the part description, part number and date code of all 920E OE master brake cylinders and 920E master cylinder seal kits held immediately. If you have any of the above parts in stock, they should not be sold or used. Affected parts should be quarantined and returned to your supplier, point of purchase or 920E as soon as possible.

If in doubt or you have any queries about this recall or the parts affected, please contact 920E as directed below.

If you are a retail customer who has purchased, but not fitted a 920E brake master cylinder within the date period stated, do not use the part, but return the it to your retailer.

If you have purchased and fitted a 920E brake master cylinder within the date period stated, do not drive the car. Please contact either the retailer or 920E on the contact details given below.  The brake master cylinder MUST have a safety check prior to further use.

Further guidelines are provided at

For more details on the recall, a list of possible vehicles affected or if you have further concerns about the parts you may hold, please contact the 920E recall team on +44 1926 359637 (Monday – Thursday 8am – 5pm, Friday 8am – 12:30pm) or email on