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Congratulations to Mini land speed record team from New Zealand, Project 64, which has set two world speed records during Speed Week 2016 (13-19 August) on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA. The team returned to Utah in August to better their previous record of 146.6mph in class I/BGCC, set in 2012.

The first record of 2016 was set on tuning runs in the I/BGALT class: a speed of 144.033mph on a 133.896mph record. They then switched to I/BFALT class. Mike from the team explained: “We were disappointed with the low speeds we were achieving and realised the petrol was too different to the NZ fuel the A-series engine was tuned on. We switched to methanol which is identical to the methanol we used in NZ. On our first run on methanol we achieved 162.797mph and qualified at 158.039 but were unable to back up our run the next day as a hose failed.” The following day the Mini set a record of 156.006mph. “These are both huge results in a sport where records are often claimed by margins of three decimal points,” exclaimed Mike. Afterwards the Mini went on to achieve a qualifying time of 166.046mph in class I/BFCC but probable oil pump failure on the next run meant that another record time was not set. Find out more about the Mini and the team at