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British Motor Heritage, the company that makes brand new bodyshells for the Mini, reports that it is “stunned at the scale of orders since first displaying its prototype shell at the 2016 NEC Classic Motor Show.”

Director, John Yea, went on to say that “Dramatically rising values are at the heart of the demand. A few years back, though values of good Mini Coopers were climbing steadily, the limited worth of their 850 cousins made comprehensive restorations hard to justify. The picture is now very different, and enthusiasts are busy rejuvenating all versions of Issisgonis’ immortal baby at an ever-increasing rate. As a result we are constantly having to raise our production targets, and that’s without taking into account the shells we are creating for David Brown Automotive’s impressive Mini Remastered programme.” He went on to say that “dedicated motorsport Mini shells could be on the cards for the future.”

The Mk1 Mini bodyshell costs £9,950. See more at