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Ended: Win a set of 5 Michelin XZX 145/70R12 tyres from Vintage Tyres

MiniWorld is giving away a set of 5 Michelin XZX tyres, courtesy of Vintage Tyres.

These high-quality XZX 145/70R12 tubeless tyres are manufactured by Michelin and are ideal for giving your Mini an original look. The tyres will fit all post-1974 UK 1275GTs and all standard post-1984 Minis with 12-inch wheels.

Michelin XZX tyre facts:
– Load index is 69 (325kg per tyre)
– 4-inch to 5-inch wide wheels
– Tyre section width is 156mm
– Tyre overall diameter is 520mm
– Tyre rolling circumference is 1552mm
– The tyre has a speed rating of S (112mph)

If you don’t win: These tyres are available from Vintage Tyres at £70.80 each inc VAT. A range of 10-inch tyres is also available for Minis including the rain-defying Dunlop Aquajet, sporty SPR7, rally-ready SP44 and the sticky Avon CR6ZZ. See: or call +44 (0)1590 612261.

Answer the multiple-choice question by 8 October 2016 for your chance to win:
Which was the first UK production Mini to be fitted with 12-inch wheels as standard?
A: 1275GT
B: Mini 30 LE
C: Mini Traveller

This competition has now ended!